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Looking for a good classic traditional game of Minecraft? SneakAttackCraft offers all the basics, near traditional, with just a couple tweaks to help protect your stuff AND some random fun things! Come play with us!

Just point your Minecraft game to

  • Full Survival
  • Stable, fast, lag-free
  • No world resets (except for The End)
  • Normal difficulty
  • All-age friendly
  • Random hourly gift give-away
  • Monitored and banning for mis-use
  • Above-ground explosions do harm but no damage (no crater insanity) in un-claimed areas
  • Claim your area and protect your land and chests
  • Self-funded server
  • Been around over 10+ years and not going anywhere
Thats it! Simple, clean and Minecraft the way we used to play.